• T. Styles

Should You Use A Pen Name As An Author?

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Why is using a pen name even a topic?

I’m not going to lie. I’m a bit partial. I used a pen name and yet I have an opinion.

I used my pen name because I had written an African American fiction book and had done research on the most popular books in my base. I discovered immediately that some people prefer female authors, and some prefer male. Because I wanted to widen my readership base, I chose a hybrid of my married name, knowing it would be difficult to tell if I was male or female.

So, should you use a pen name?

Yes, if you wish to separate your personal life from your book life. Suppose you’re out in the world and someone yells, hey T. Adams. You’ll know immediately that, that person is from your book world.

I’m pretty sure that’s why J. K. Rowling chose her name.

Or, let’s say you are like me and want to have a little anonymity because you don’t want your readers knowing if you are male for female.

This is the extent of wish I recommend using a pen name.

If you use a pen name because you are hiding from the world, it won’t work. Because eventually, if you’re good enough, someone will find you.