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If you’re a writer looking to get serious about your career and reap tax benefits and government benefits, you may want to consider starting your own publishing company.


In addition, it lists the steps necessary to build your business credit, so you don’t have to use your own money to print your books or pay for advertising.


This course goes over the following:


  • What is a publishing house
  • Why you should start a publishing house
  • How To Start A Publishing House
  • The Business Entities
  • The tax benefits of creating a publishing house
  • Hobbyist vs professional writer
  • The liability protections a business provides a publisher
  • Step by step instructions for creating a publishing house
  • How to build your business credit
  • The tradelines to begin to set up your business credit
  • How to create an EIN
  • How to create a Duns
  • How To Create Your Publishing House & Build Your Credit Kit


In the end, publishers will be well on their way to building their book empires.

How To Create Your Publishing House & Build Business Credit For Beginners

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