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Earn Thousands Each Month Narrating Your Own Book Or Others! ⁠

Authors are struggling making royalties from eBook and paperback formats. And so, they are giving up creating their stories. ⁠

This is sad because so many authors believe the eBook and Paperback format is the only roads leading to sales. ⁠

The video course HOW TO RECORD YOUR AUDIOBOOK AT HOME - FOR BEGINNERS gives you an introduction into recording your own books at home.⁠

You can do this, especially if you have the steps which this course provides. ⁠

If you like it enough, you can make a business recording audiobooks, and narrate full time. ⁠

This course is free for all members of THE ELITE WRITERS SQUAD via


**Using The Free Software GARAGEBAND 



Clickable Links 

Step By Step Recording Process For GarageBand & ACX

Why Narrate Your Books

How To Take Care Of Your Voice 

Voice Exercises 

What To Do If You're Stuck 

⁠Tools Needed Sheet 

Prep Work Sheet

How To Avoid Background Noises 

How To Use ACX



Add income to your pockets now!  ⁠

How To Record Your Audio Book At Home For Beginners

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