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Warning: Some People Will Wait Too Late To Get Money Through Kindle Vella


So many people miss out on a good thing!


When eBooks first took off, folks weren’t willing to take the plunge. They were scared and as a result, they missed out.


Some on hundreds of thousands of dollars.


That’s crazy!


Will you miss out too?


Listen, I get you. You want to create books that will resonate with your readers. Books that will pay you for the time you took create them. And you also want to create a tribe on Amazon’s new Kindle Vella platform.


A group of readers who want to read your work!


I have the solution!


I will teach you how to create Episodic fiction because it’s very different than traditional novel creation.


In the course we will cover the following:


  • Detailed Explanation Of Amazon's Kindle Vella Program
  • How To Come Up With A Story Idea
  • How To Breakdown Your Episodes
  • How To Create Interesting Characters
  • How To Create Story Twists
  • How Many Words Per Episode?
  • How Many Episodes Should You Upload?
  • A Episode Checklist
  • And more...


How To Write Episodic Fiction For Kindle Vella (Course)

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