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There’s nothing like spending days, weeks and sometimes years writing your book, only for people to pick up a bad book simply because they know the author.


It can be frustrating because in most cases a little help will put you in a position to gain prestige, but more importantly, connect you directly with your readership. 

Because at the end of the day, writers with a name will always outrank new or upcoming authors. 

But there is another way!


If you want to learn how to nail this list, you’ll want to join this class tonight. If you prepare in advance, you can make the Amazon’s bestseller’s list 90% of the time. 

In this class I go over the following: 

What Amazon’s ranking system entails

How to select categories for your book 

How to add more categories than the three Amazon allows you to choose. 

And more…



The Art To Becoming An Amazon Bestselling Author Every Time

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