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Fact: Most people have a story to tell but don’t know how to write it.

Fact: Most writers are unable to GRAB and HOLD a reader’s attention.

Fact: Most writers have started a book but will NEVER complete it.

Fact: Some writers have good ideas but require ONE-ON-ONE support.

Fact: T. Styles has authored over 25 BESTSELLING novels in her career and has secured mass-market deals with major publishing houses.

T. Styles has been featured by the Baltimore Sun, The Washington Post, Essence Magazine, The Library Journal and by fans worldwide for her wicked pen game.
T. Styles writes up to two novels at a time, often completing them within a month’s timeframe simultaneously.

Following the methods T. Styles has outlined in this manual, you will be equipped with the knowledge you need to write your first novel!

The End: How To Write A Novel In 30 Days

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