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An amazing story occurs when a character’s world, through changes, obstacles, and events, is changed in an entertaining way. Make no mistake, the story starts with developing dynamic characters.

To showcase the change, you need dynamic characters that are fully developed and realized.

Introducing The Page-By-Page Character Development Worksheet and Workbook.

Using easy to understand templates, you will leave with fully realized characters.

This Amazing Resource Includes:

3 Types Of Character Explained

Book Outline Elements

Character Development Profile Including:

  • Physical Attributes
  • Family Dynamics
  • Character Goals
  • Goal Prevention Traits
  • Positive Attribute Template
  • Negative Attribute Template

Antagonist Profile

Secondary Character Profile including:

  • Secondary's Purpose
  • Secondary Summary
  • Secondary's Goal

Tertiary Character Section

Character Interview eBook

Using this tool before penning a novel will not only enhance your story, but it will save you loads of time!

The Page By Page Character Development Worksheet & Workbook

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