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  • Shelly Powell

4 Tips To Find Your Writing Voice

Finding your voice as an author, can mean the difference between being unique and blending in with other novelists.

Here are four tips to help.

Write Often

Most people want things to be hard. But at the end of the day writing often helps you find your swag. Mainly because you’ll be able to feel what’s authentic to you as opposed to the novels you’ve read in the past.

Listen Out Loud

There isn't any software available which doesn't allow you to listen to your own book. By listening to your book not only do you catch grammatical errors, but you’ll also be able to tweak your words to make them sound more realistic.

Record Your Own Conversations

Don't get nervous. But if you record yourself while speaking to someone on the phone (there is no need to record anyone else) you can hear how you speak in a natural state. Listening to yourself, in connection with understanding basic structure, will reveal to you your own voice.


Not everything has to be about completing a book. Writing poetry or allowing yourself to freestyle what comes to your heart, will help you find your flow. Do this often enough and you'll see the natural connection when creating your stories.

All in all, remember to have fun.

Writing is an experience. Don’t get so caught up in each word, that you miss your connection to the form.

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