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  • Shelly Powell

6 Habits Of Rich Authors

Earning an income from writing takes finesse. You have to understand the psychology of a writer who pursues storytelling full time.

Rich authors work at it. They aren’t a deuteragonist in their own lives. They take the lead.

Let’s discuss 6 habits of rich authors that you should consider.

1. They Develop A Plan

If I’ve heard it once I heard 1000 times. “Outlining is boring and steals the creative process”, they say.


What writers who aren’t wealthy don’t realize is that an outline provides freedom. It provides direction. And wealthy authors don’t stray away from this process.


Creating a solid plan will open up your story in ways you haven’t considered and prevent pitfalls in your story as you get deeper into the process.

Use this resource for guidance on writing each page of your novel: Page By Page Book Planner

2. They Grow Their Social Media Platform

Yes it’s true…. writers aren’t big on showcasing themselves on social media.

But every six-figure writer knows that without an audience they won’t receive royalties. As a result, wealthy writers put time into building their online persona because it’s a necessity.

If you don’t enjoy it, try role playing. Before going live, look at as if you’re a character in one of your favorite novels. Show up and shine for possible readers. And watch your bank grow.

3. Write Something Every Day

Whether it’s a few chapters or a post for social media, wealthy writers create every day. It has been said that the majority of writers earn the majority of their income from 10% to 20% of the books they create.

Which means one book alone may not be enough to meet your cash flow stride.

You need to pen something on a regular basis. Whether it’s a novel, short story or a post that leads potential readers your way, being consistent is the key.

4. Create Your Tribe

Six-figure writers understand that in order to make consistent revenue they must align themselves with the right people in their industry. When you surround yourself with writers with the same goals as you, a number of things happen.

From gaining access to their readers to collaborating on projects, there’s nothing but major gains to be had from building your tribe.

See someone with the same vibe as you, send them a message and ask them to host a live stream on your book topic.

5. Avoid Toxic People

This may or may not need to be said but it made the list anyway.

Wealthy people understand that tolerating or entertaining toxic people can do nothing but bring them down too. Hang around negative people enough, and before long you lose the drive to create.

Spend time with people with positive attitudes and those who are going somewhere in life.

6. Live Within Your Means

Social media would have you believing that you must look the part. And while it’s important to put on your best face when interacting with the world this doesn’t mean you should drain your banking account in the process.

Besides, more can be achieved with less simply by remembering your long-term goals.

Do you have a savings plan? A marketing plan? A social media plan?

Whatever your goals, just remember that self-Publishing is less expensive than ever and spending money on expensive marketing plans or contractors that drain your budget may not end in success.

Also, be careful about splurging on multiple night outs and other miscellaneous expenses.

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