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  • Shelly Powell

3 Ways I Make Money Selling My Book

Most writers don’t know how to make money selling their books. Primarily because they go to the locations where they purchase their favorite titles and are surprised when they don’t make a sell too.

“I bought my book from here, so I’ll sell my books here too.”

Wrong mindset.

Authors should always treat writing as a business. Doing this will help you formulate a plan that will work in advance.

I’m going to share with you 3 ways I make money selling my titles.

I Sell To The Libraries:

In my membership program I’m often struck with how authors perceive libraries. Most of them believe that once a book is sold, that the library will never buy another book again.

This misconception is the reason I created the course How To Get Your First Big Sale From Libraries Course (Self Published Authors).

There are library systems out there which will not only purchase copies for their own library but the library’s in their market. There are so many libraries in New York and Cleveland alone that it can be difficult counting.

Don’t make the mistake in thinking that once the library purchases a physical copy that they won’t buy another. Don’t forget, books are taken and lost all the time.

When that happens if you build a relationship, they will buy from you again!

Affiliate Marketing Is Money Heaven

I not only get royalties from my own books but due to several blogs that I run I get what can be considered royalties from other authors too.

Affiliate marketing allows the creator to utilize Google analytics to pull people onto their site or platform, and purchase copies based on their links and recommendations.

Affiliate linking may sound involved, but it’s actually easy to do.

Taking Advantage Of All Book Platforms

Back in the day paperback books were all the rage.

And although many people still prefer hardcopies, especially when considering non-fiction titles, authors need to understand that other platforms are gaining traction.

E-books are a no brainer.

But audiobooks (which I teach in my course How To Record Your Audiobook At Home For Beginners) are reigning supreme!

This is due in part to the popularity of podcasts and other listening platforms. Even those like the social media conglomerate clubhouse is helping spark the trend.

One book now becomes four ways to put royalties in your pocket. Paperback, Ebooks, Hardback and Audiobooks

Need To Know Where To Publish Your Book?

Check out the Page By Page Book Publisher Planner. This gives you the steps to take to publish your book in 30 days.

It includes:

  • The Important Websites To Launch Your Book.

  • A Publishing Checklist.

  • A Book Production Checklist.

  • Daily Planner With Goals To Accomplish Each Day.

  • Social Media Plan Section

Go Create And Be Great!



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