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  • Shelly Powell

4 Ways You Never Thought Of To Market Your Book

Marketing your book is a necessity to get the word out and build your tribe. And while ads and being active on social media is necessary, here are four things you probably haven’t considered to help your book reach a larger market.

The Story Ride

What if you set your phone up, and drove the same places your main character did when he found out his wife was cheating?

What if you took a photo of the place where your leading character asked their love interest to marry them?

What if you overlayed the media with words from your book?

Creative, right?

Book Scavenger Hunt

There's nothing like rewarding your readers for their support. Why not hold a scavenger hunt within the pages of your novel? You can ask them clues based on the story.

Readers who answer correctly could get original prizes, or maybe even a shout out!

T-Shirts & Gear

There is nothing like having t-shirts and gear available for your readers, who want to show which character they are in support of in your novel.

This is an excellent way to build your tribe and spread the word to others who have yet to read your book.


In case you haven't heard the news, podcasts are growing with no signs of letting up. What if you created a podcast in and around all things your book?

It will tighten the bond with your existing readership and extend your reach to others who have yet to meet you.

Need help marketing your book? Grab this MEGA GUIDE and go!

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