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6 Resources Urban Fiction Writers Can Use To Write, Market & Publish Their Books

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

1 Canva

For designing your graphics for social media.

2 Convertkit

This is an email service provide and it has some powerful sequencing embedded into the software. Literally you can create your email sequencing and forget about it and go.

3 Emotion Thesaurus

This book helps you show vs tell when writing about emotions. Each section is broken down by emotion and ready for you to reword in your novel.

4 Rainy Mood

When you’re looking for ambiance, for dark dreary scenes, you can’t get better than this. It even works if you want to wash out uneven noises in your home while penning your novel.

5 The Mega Page By Page Book, Publishing & Marketing Planner

Is the only resource you’ll ever need to write, market and publish your book.

Includes: The Mega Page By Page Book, Publishing & Market Planner is a powerful resource guide to help new authors write, publish and market their books. It takes the writer/publisher on the following journey:

  • Book Title Elements

  • Book Concept Elements

  • Character Development

  • Book Outline Elements

  • Book Blurb Elements

  • Editing Elements

  • Book Identifiers & Publishing Services

  • Copyright Template

  • Copyright Elements

  • Book Cover Elements

  • Inside Book Elements

  • Order Form Elements

  • Creating Your Own Publishing House Checklist

  • Personal Branding Elements

  • Marketing Elements For Online Success

To provide even more assistance, it also includes:

  • 30 Day Book Planner

  • 30 Day Social Media Content Planner

  • 30 Day Journal

This is literally the only resource you’ll ever need to write, market, and publish your book.

6 Chapter Checklist 50 Page Notepad

The chapter checklist gives you a moment to see your scene and clarify what it’s actually about before writing.

7 Reddit:

For story ideas, community and more.

8 Stephen King On Writing

If you haven't read Stephen King's memoir you are missing out. it highlights in a practical way, the basic tools to write your novel. King’s advice is grounded in vivid memories, including his near fatal accident in 1999.

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