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  • Shelly Powell

6 Ways To Eliminate Clutter In Your Novel

Eliminating Clutter In Your Novel Is A Necessity

When writing a book, your thoughts should have synergy that connects with the readers. This is important to keep the integrity of your story your telling and to enhance reader experience.

Here are 6 ways that cause clutter and what you can do to correct the problem.

You Character “Really” Wants Multiple Things

When you’re writing a novel, your character can desire many things. But above all, he should want one thing more than the others. As a matter of fact, refusing to have a firm desire, whether perceived or not, can cause the passion required to drive your story to go dry.

You’re Telling Multiple Stories That Don’t Connect

You can’t write a book about your journey to becoming a nurse practitioner but spend most of the time talking about your summers at your grandmother’s, followed by your favorite boyfriend and how you built your first house.

Background has a purpose but it must be done correctly.

The earlier pages of your novel should allude to the journey you're about to take the readers on which requires focus. It’s easy to lose focus if you’re struggling to stitch together stories that don’t connect.

Your Paragraphs Are Too Clunky

When possible, it’s best to keep paragraphs under three sentences. The clunkier the paragraph, the easier it is to lose focus and clutter your novel. A paragraph should start with a topic sentence and expand upon this topic as it concludes.

Your Page Has No White Space

When your page is so packed with words and extra long paragraphs, it’s easy to lose the reader’s attention and lead you into clutter prison.

When this happens writers often put down their novels.

By creating focused paragraphs throughout the document, which lends itself to more white space, you give readers’ eye breaks which makes for a more enjoyable experience.

You Walk Away Too Long

Taking breaks from your book can help your process. However, when you walk away too long and return, if you’re not careful you’ll be confused.

This will cause you to hunt and peck around your keyboard to catch the flow. Which means unless you have a solid outline, will drive you up a wall.

Take breaks when necessary, but come back before you forget your story and clutter up your work.

No Road - No Focus

The best way, without a doubt to prevent from losing focus is to outline your book. By outlining you maintain a focus for your novel. This inevitably will reduce clutter.

Try “The Mega Page By Page Book, Publishing & Marketing Planner: The Only Resource You’ll Ever Need To Write, Publish & Market Your Book”.


You can prevent clutter, but it starts with a plan!

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