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6 Ways To Repurpose Your Content (For Writers)

Writers don't always do a good job repurposing their content. As a result, sometimes they tend to work harder not smarter. When possible, it's important to repurpose to earn extra income and gain an audience.

Here are a few ways to repurpose content for social media and beyond.

Turn Your Blog Into A Book

If you have a blog and you are a regular poster, especially if it’s on a specific topic (ex. urban fiction) turn your blog posts into a book. When you’re done place it on Kindle Unlimited or Amazon and get a coin.

Before doing so, be sure to flesh it out.

Turn Your YouTube Videos And Podcasts Into Written Blogs

I have used transcribers like Temi and Otter. Both are pretty good. Especially if there isn’t a lot of noise in the background. Using either of the transcribers, you can create amazing blogs using these services.

Just like before, be sure to flesh out your points to allow for a richer experience. Consider who may be reading blogs and adjust accordingly. When you’re done, be sure to place the RSS FEED on your Goodreads so it will connect to your Author Central account on Amazon.

Turn Written Content Into Videos

Create blogs already? Well, have you thought about turning that content into YouTube or Instagram videos. I repurpose everything I do because I put time, consideration, and value into my content.

So, for me, video is a necessary.

Turn Podcasts Into Articles – Think LinkedIn Or Digital Magazines

Did you know that if you want a Wiki page, you have to have articles posted about you in mainstream news outlets?

While in this example you are the writer, creating a buzz by writing can lead you in the right direction.

By using your podcasts and building a platform on LinkedIn, you are dominating your online presence which could set you apart from your competition. Repurposing content isn’t duplicating your content. Its turning up the original!

Turn Your Books Into Blog Posts

With this concept, I don’t intend for you to lift pieces of your book and paste them into a blog post.

What about a story blog post where you are elaborating more on special events or characters? By using tags within your genre on a regular basis, you can trigger Google and get more eyes on your books.

When you do this always refer to the purchase link for your book and remember to place the RSS FEED on your Goodreads so it will connect to your Author Central.

Create A Podcast About Your Book

Have a podcast out there already? Think about summarizing chapters and talking about it on your podcast like you’re talking about real people. Each summarization can be a podcast episode!

Don’t Waste Your Content

These are just a few examples of repurposing your content.

For video course on batching content for the internet check out: " The Marketing Plan For Social Media - How To Batch Videos Quickly"

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