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How To Write In Multiple Genres

Switching or changing genres is considered a bad idea. But J.K. Rowling did it with her pen name to write crime novels using Robert Galbraith.

It can be done!

There may be a number of reasons why it should be considered. From finance options to getting rid of boredom, authors shouldn’t feel locked into one box.

Let’s discuss some tips, tricks and reasons.


It can be difficult penning novels within genres that you feel have no more perspective. Changing genres may give you new insight on story and characters.

Breaking Genre Boxes To Appeal To Publishers:

By showing publishers and readers that you aren’t a one pen pony, you become more attractive to publishers who are looking for writers who can give them more than the average novelist.

More Cash:

Let’s keep it 100, some genres pay more than others. You only need to look at the bestseller’s list to see what I’m saying is true.

Mystery and thriller novels reign supreme as well as they are non-fiction counterparts dealing with self-help issues. So, a change could net you more income.

You Learn More:

It’s true!

Switching genres or writing in multiple genres can absolutely broaden your insight. The more knowledgeable you are in matters of life, due to research, the more profitable you become as a novelist.


You Can Frustrate Your Base:

If you have a base that expects a specific genre from you and you decide to switch things up using your same pen name, you can irritate your readers. There are ways around this but you need to consider this issue up front.

You May Need To Build A Pen Name Or Brand:

If you are an authorpreneur this may not be an issue. Some writers love building pen names and brands. But if you aren’t one of them, switching or creating a pen name to handle your new genre maybe what you need.

Do you have it in you to start all over?


Use A Pen Name:

Using a pen name for each of your genres if they are night and day (for instance children’s stories versus crime novels), will be an excellent way for you to separate your brands.

Cross Genres Early:

If you’re new to this and you already know you like sci-fi and mystery novels, why not start combining those elements in advance? This will set you apart and make you more interesting for readers looking for something new.

Be On The Reason:

Before you switch genres be clear on why you’re switching. If it’s income, make sure you research the most profitable genres to write into.

If it’s a certain element you enjoy, like love stories, then research popular authors in that niche. The last thing you want to do is jump in a genre only to discover you hate it.

The bottom line is, you can be creative in your writing journey. Don’t let anyone lock you into a box.

Consider writing in multiple genres.

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