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Money Talk: 7 Mistakes Authors Make Marketing Their Books

Not being clear on your strategies for marketing your book will hurt in the long run.

Let’s talk strategy!

Having Unclear Goals With No Marketing Plan

When your goals are vague, your book won’t move. Please understand that you will spend the bulk of your budget in marketing your novel. Whether it be by ads, postcards, mailers, etc at some point you’ll spend money. But libraries should also be an essential part of your plan and without it your book won’t move.

It’s not all about Amazon.

Social Media Must Be Social

Social media is for building tribes, not just sales. The money will come but it won’t be immediately. You must bill community. When people know who you are, and you are consistent, they will support. This is a marathon, not a sprint. The 80/20 Rule can do wonders. In other words, be social 80% of the time and sale your book the other twenty. I am highly social on Facebook with a mix of both on IG.

Choose what works for you!

Not Marketing Their Book Early Enough

Start talking about your book in advance. Whether it be on social media, to vendors or even readers and book clubs. The harder your market, the better the launch will be. That’s just plain marketing 101.

Failing To Connect With Readers and Other Writers Outside Of Posting

Your business will flourish when you connect with your readers and your sibs in pen. Too many marketing strategies come across as cold and insensitive. Pitches on top of pitches means stitches in your sales. Approach your marketing genuineness and generosity. But remember to get a coin too!

Being An Author Is A Business

If you treat writing with the 100% art focus, you will create. That doesn’t mean you’ll make a coin. If you want the dream, which includes making this a business, you have to operate with that mindset. And that means planning for the current and future.

Believing Amazon Will Generate All Sales

Newsflash, you aren’t the only author on Amazon. You aren’t even the only product on Amazon. This means you have to widen your focus. If Amazon falls, will you still be able to take care of yourself? Have you researched and approached other distributors.

Not Being Clear On Your Target Audience

If you don’t know who wants to buy your book, how will you sale your book? What does you’re your target audience look like? Where do they eat? What types of shows do they listen to? What other writers do they enjoy? How old are they?

Get clear!

If you want some help marketing your book THE MEGA PAGE BY PAGE BOOK, PUBLISHING AND MARKETING PLANNER has every step needed to write, publish and market your book!

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