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  • Shelly Powell

The Reader Didn’t Know She Wrote A Book

Writers spend so much time penning novels, that when done, they often forget to tell readers consistently enough so that they see their post or email.

Writers must remember that some people follow hundreds if not thousands of influencers online. Not to mention family and friends.

In addition, not everyone spends hours on social media.

So that in the limited time they are online, IT IS UP TO YOU to make yourself seen.

How Can You Make Yourself Seen?

There is one sure way!

By posting regularly.

When you schedule your posts using platforms like Canva, you do the busy work in advance and reap the benefits in the future by having automatic posts sent from your platforms.

In the case of the reader who didn’t know the author had penned another novel, the reason was simple.

Although she was following the author, the author wasn’t consistent enough and so in the limited time she was there, she saw nothing.

But What Do I Post?

Knowing what to say can become a chore too, which is why this handy guide of 31 POSTS FOR AUTHORS can help you build a connection but more importantly stay in the reader’s way.

Find out more about Canva’s Scheduling Service HERE

And get 31 Posts For Fiction Authors ….. HERE


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