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Three Reasons You Aren’t Getting Book Sales

Authors are having a hard time getting sales after completing their books. This is disheartening because many of these talented pen smiths have stories worthy of being told.

And yet wanting and getting a book seen by a reader is easier said than done.

But why?

Authors Don’t Understand Marketing

No one teaches self-published authors how to market their novels. In a lot of cases most don’t understand the fundamentals of marketing in general. As a result many writers shy away from putting in the work necessary to get their stories sold.

But there are many ways to avoid this trap and it starts with thinking about this in advance.

Authors Aren’t Creating A Plan In Advance

When an author takes time to think about marketing their book when the first draft is done, this decreases the fear that accompanies not having a plan.

In fact, in most cases a two lined plan is better than no plan at all because it gives the writer a direction.

The plan should start with where to upload the title.

Authors Don’t Know Where To Upload Their Books

I have seen a trend of writers uploading to Amazon and then forgetting their book altogether.

This goes hand and hand with writers believing that Amazon will do all of their marketing work. This isn’t true. And often leads to low sales and discouragement altogether.

What Can Be Done?

Writer’s should look at other resources when attempting to get sales.

Like, is your book in libraries? Available through other retailers? Do you even know how?

What’s An Easy Way To Get Direction?

The Mega Page By Page Book Writing, Publishing & Marketing Planner gives you a firm tool of how to write your book, how to publish your book and how to market your book. It even includes a social media planner to schedule out your posts in advance.

Don’t treat your marketing plan like it’s not an option.

If you want to make sales, it is the only option.


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